Unplanned Encounter!

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Title:Unplanned Encounter! Title:Unplanned Encounter! Species:Lapwing Eggs and Red velvet mite(Trombidiidae)Medium: Camel Watercolors on Indian handmade paperSize:A5,UnframedReference:Own image.Location:Hoskote Lake,Bangalore,IndiaDuration:40 HoursDate:September 3rd 2017


Thicket Dweller!(WIP-Stage 3)

Thicket Dweller_Prasad Natarajan

My first work for the upcoming AWN(Artist for Wildlife and Nature)annual show in 2018.Getting there!
Title:Thicket Dweller!(Work in progress-Stage 3)
Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
Medium: Staedler graphite 779 mechnical pencil,Dip pen,Indian Ink.
Size: 26.5×26.5 cms,300 GSM
Duration:40 hours
August 24th 2017
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Bee-eater and Nymph

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Title:Bee-eater and Nymph
Species:Green bee-eater (Merops orientalis) and Malabar Tree Nymph (Idea malabarica)
Medium:Staedler 4H,2H,H,B,2B,4B Pencils on Cartridge paper
149 GSM, size 297x420cms.
Duration: 22 hours
Location:Western Ghats,Karnataka,India
July 25th 2017
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Here are the stages of this artwork below.

Thicket Dweller!(Work in progress)

Barking Deer_Work in progress_Prasad Natarajan

Here’s an update on the Barking Deer so far !
Title:Thicket Dweller!(Work in progress)
Medium: Staedler graphite 779 mechnical pencil,Dip pen,
Spiral Sketchbook 26.5×26.5 inches,300 GSM
Duration: 14 hours
May 1st 2017
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Title:Masters Study-9

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Title:Masters Study-9
Durer’s muzzle of a bull study
Medium: Sudha 68 Black Crayons, Kneaded easer.
Textured Drawing Paper Watercolor Pad, A4 size,250gsm,
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Bangalore
Status: Not for Sale!
March 22nd 2017

Started on Durer’s muzzle of a bull study in watercolor 2 days back however was not too happy with the result. So yesterday night spent couple of hours making this Charcoal study, though messy medium, i really like the freedom of this medium. The dark blacks and whites one can achieve is soothing to my soul.

Red Eye 4!


Title:Red Eye 4!
Indian eagle-owl(Bubo bengalensis)
Medium: Reynolds Ball pen, Indian Ink.
Derwent Big book,A5,110GSM
Duration: 16 hours
Location: Bangalore
Reference: Own Image
October 30th 2016


INKtober Bird 4 Final!


Eurasian thick-knee(Burhinus oedicnemus)
Medium: Staedler graphite 779 mechnical pencil,Camel Black,Dip pen,Yipinxuan No.4 brush,Acrylic white pen,watercolors
Spiral Sketchbook 26.5×26.5 inches,300 GSM
Duration: 12.5 hours
October 18th 2016
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Disappearing Red 1!


Pycnonotus cafer

Title: Disappearing Red 1!
Red-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer)
Medium: Reynolds Ball pen
Derwent Big book,A5,110GSM
Duration: 8 hours
Location: Bangalore
Reference: Own Image

What a way to celebrate holiday season, scribbling with reynolds pen on the sketchbook for eight hours! So how did your holiday go so far?


Eurasian thick-knee

Eurasian thick-knee study
Medium:Camel Compressed Charcoal sticks
Cartridge paper A4 size
Duration: 15 minutes
Location:Ranganathittu bird sanctuary
Reference: On location
October 11th 2015

Eurasian Thick knee’s are great subjects to study, they don’t move at all, they are confident on their camouflage. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is a great place to study them, took a boat safari and made this quick sketch of them. During studies, i prefer using charcoal sticks for studies, it’s easy to carry them. Put them a small box, papers rolls, a hat, a binocular and bottle of water. I am ready to go!