Species:White-bellied woodpecker(Dryocopus javensis)
Medium: Ink on paper
Size:11×7.5 inches,Unframed
Reference:Own image
Location:Nagarhole National Park,Karnataka,India
Duration:3 Hours
Date:October 1st 2018


Brown Fish Owl Head Study

Brown Fish Owl

Title:Brown Fish Owl Head Study! Work in progress!
Brown fish owl (Ketupa zeylonensis)
Watercolor study
Paper:Fabriano watercolor paper
Weight: 300GSM
Size:6.2x 4.8 inches
Location:Tadoba Tiger Reserve,Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Duration: 3 Hours
September 11th 2018
Reference: Own reference image

Disappearing Red 8!

Prasad Natarajan
Yellow-crowned woodpecker

Status:Available for Sale.Message me for price!
Title:Disappearing Red 8
Species:Yellow-crowned woodpecker (Leiopicus mahrattensis)
Medium: Ink on paper
Size:7.5x 11 inches,Unframed
Reference:Own image.
Duration:6 Hours
Date:June 23rd 2018

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Here’s my latest work

Status:Available for Sale.Message me for price!
Title:Rooster Three
Species:Domestic Rooster
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Size:6.5x 6.5 inches,Unframed
Reference:Own image.
Duration:40 Hours
Date:June 3rd 2018

prasad natarajan
Rooster Three

Bee-eater and Nymph

Available for Sale!
Title:Bee-eater and Nymph
Species:Green bee-eater (Merops orientalis) and Malabar Tree Nymph (Idea malabarica)
Medium:Staedler 4H,2H,H,B,2B,4B Pencils on Cartridge paper
149 GSM, size 297x420cms.
Duration: 22 hours
Location:Western Ghats,Karnataka,India
July 25th 2017
Reference own image!

Here are the stages of this artwork below.

Red Eye 4!


Title:Red Eye 4!
Indian eagle-owl(Bubo bengalensis)
Medium: Reynolds Ball pen, Indian Ink.
Derwent Big book,A5,110GSM
Duration: 16 hours
Location: Bangalore
Reference: Own Image
October 30th 2016


INKtober Bird 4 Final!


Eurasian thick-knee(Burhinus oedicnemus)
Medium: Staedler graphite 779 mechnical pencil,Camel Black,Dip pen,Yipinxuan No.4 brush,Acrylic white pen,watercolors
Spiral Sketchbook 26.5×26.5 inches,300 GSM
Duration: 12.5 hours
October 18th 2016
Reference own image!